Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We had so much fun exploring all of the historical sites of Philadelphia!

Here's the visitor center at Valley Forge (Henry is Martha Washington, of course):

The National Memorial Arch, near where the continental army spent the winter of 1777-78:

The house where George Washington stayed (and worked):

One of the bedrooms in the house:

A close up of the house:

From the train platform (train was made later, but doesn't run anymore):

On Friday, we spent the day in Philadelphia. This was Henry's favorite exhibit at Liberty Hall:

It is a really spectacular building, and it's amazing to see a building where the Declaration of Independance and Constitution were written. It also functioned as the United States Capitol in the 1790's while Washington, D.C. was being built.

I love the beautifully preserved details of the building, like this lamp:

I believe this is where the Continental Congress wrote the Declaration of Independence.

And where they wrote the Constitution. The big chair on the raised platform is where Washington sat.

This is another building in Independence Square, Congress Hall, where congress met in the 1790's.

We took a "Duck Tour" around the city in an amphibious tour bus. I love this road (Benjamin Franklin Parkway), which has flags from different countries.

Here's the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple of the Church is Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, almost finished! It's really cool how they built it in the city center, I think it is great for the church to be out in the open and participate both in the architecture and culture of great American cities.

Here's the water entry of the Duck Bus/Boat:

I am starting to think that every great city has at least one great bridge. Of course, the bridge in Philly is named after Benjamin Franklin!

The National Park Service has preserved Franklin's original print shop, and they run a working printing press.

Henry loved the little museum, and they had this fun game with different quotes from Franklin. When you matched them up, it said "huzzah". Henry got the biggest kick out of this, and kept saying "huzzah" over and over again...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, near New Hope. It was so much fun to be all together, we had 15 family members there. Some of the highlights were a carousel, spending time with our nephews (and new niece!), the movie room, a hike near where Washington crossed the Delaware, and a walk along the Delaware Canal.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Baby Kate

My sister had her first girl, and she asked me to take some pictures of her. She is absolutely adorable, and I'd like to share some of my favorites: